White fungus bird's nest drink
White fungus bird's nest drink

White fungus bird's nest drink

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    White fungus bird's nest drink_brand name "Nature"
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Product Description

"Bird’s nest is one of the best rare and valuable natural resources because of their high nutritional value and good for health”

  • Supplying and fostering your health;
  • Stable digestive system;
  • Regulating blood pressure and heart;
  • Anti-aging and beautiful skin;

Based on the features of salangane, Dona Newtower has researched and launched the market a product named White fungus bird’s nest drink with the brand name “Nature” 

Moreover, the strict food hygiene and safety inspection process, thus ensuring hygiene and quality for consumers

* User manuals:

  • Shake well before use, cold drink taste better, avoid heating the product before using
  • Suitable for all ages
  • You must use up when opening the jar cap

* Instructions for preservation:

  • Storage at room temperature
  • Storage in cool & dry place
Detailed information
Product's name White fungus bird's nest
Ingredients White fungus, bird's nest drink, sugar, water, ...
Volume 240 ml/can
Shelf life 24 months
Packing Tinplate can; 30 cans/carton
Brand name Nature
Made in Vietnam

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