General Introduction

Brief Introduction of
Dona Newtower Natural Drink And Food Joint Stock Company

       A General introduction of Dona Newtower Natural Drink and Food Company was established in 1994 and has become Dona Newtower Natural Drink and Food Joint Stock Company since 2008. With the initial investment capital of US$ 7.55 million & an area of 36,000m2, the company invested another US$ 8 million into building a new factory with a yearly production capacity of 15,000 tons of puree made from various kind of natural tropical fruit, 35,000 tons of a variety of puree beverages canned with easily-opened caps & 50,000 tons of various of beverages put in pet-plastic bottles labeled NATURE.

       “NATURE”- labeled products have won a lot of domestic and foreign quality prizes & medals like “3rd CLASS LABOUR MEDAL ORDER”, “DEPENDABLE TRADE MARK”, “VIETNAM TOP TEN VALUE” & “VIETNAM HIGH QUALITY GOODS”, and at the same time, the company has met the ISO-9001:2008 standard in its system quality control. “Nature”-labeled products are not only one of the best-known Vietnamese ones but also one of the “Leaders” in Vietnam’s beverage industry. “Nature” is widely known as a nutritious product helpful to man’s health.

       Dona Newtower Natural Drink and Food Joint Stock Company (brief call : Dona Newtower) is generally operated in accordance with international modern standards, invites foreign experts to directly participate in the management of production as well as technology, and in the meantime, satisfies the maximum standard of hygiene and safety of the same food in the world. Our company has 05 production lines including the puree, the beverage, the can and the pure water, all of which are operated by a system of fully automatic central computers. The company also has its own laboratory for learned and experienced experts to exploit and carry out researches into new products. The company organizes a relatively good management system to best serve its long-lasting development. Moreover, in order to make its consumer service more convenient, Dona newtower has its branches in big city such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Bien Hoa, Can Tho and TP. HCM City.

      Dona Newtower specializes in canned beverages like fruit juices made from fresh fruit, pure water, tea and especially Bird’s Nest, Korean Ginseng and Aloe vera.
The company’s main objective has always been to serve consumers with its full devotion and maximum efforts to bring various types of food and beverages to them.

With the slogon “CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT”, Dona Newtower always:

-    Keeps improving the product quality to meet customers’ demands.
-    Focuses all of its activities on satisfying customers’ demands and upgrading its quality control system.